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Internet Associates (INA) supports a large number of Independent Business Owners (IBOs) across the United States and Internationally. They were looking for an effective way to distribute their live training and archived events to their national team.

We initially created ways for team leaders to 'meet virtually' with their teams using full motion, high quality video. We have now increased the system capacity to allow for all of their IBOs to attend live training no matter where they are located. The advent of real-time, high quality training has increased the ability for INA to train and motivate their team.

Along with helping create their video content, we have also developed a site that would accept payment and provide access to their live and archived events. This allows INA to record a training session once, then make it available across their network to their IBOs as on-demand content.

To ensure equal access, we stream multiple bit rates to provide users various options for connection speed.


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A Word About Webcasting

No one would watch a TV show that only had slides and a narrator, why do you expect your web audience to do the same?

Audiences today are demanding much more than a simple powerpoint with a narrator for their web meetings. For less cost than the average online 'slide' presentation, we can broadcast full-quality video and audio of your event.


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One broadcast across all screens.
One broadcast across all screens.
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