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Corporate Video Production

Having a 90th birthday is pretty amazing, but a company having a 90th birthday is almost unheard of! We had the opportunity to capture Radiological Associates 90th Anniversary Employee Meeting and create a promotional piece about the event and the company. It was an eye-opening experience.

RAS treats their employees like gold, and as a result, their employees stick around for a very long time. We met folks that had been with RAS for over 20+ years. It is no wonder that RAS is one of the best places to work in the Sacramento Area.

After producing a video documenting their 90th Anniversary Company Meeting Event, Radiological Associates wanted to give potential employees a taste of life at RAS. We suggested an interactive business card on CD that contained a shorter version of their 90th Anniversary video along with a link to their website. This small CD will be given out at trade shows and job fairs and shows how RAS is using technology to reach out to the public.

Your company has a story to tell. You need to let your clients know why you are special. Let us help you create that message.

Michael Smith for RAStv

Corporate Video

With the popularity of YouTube and the advent of GoogleTV and mobile broadband, video is everywhere.

No longer is an article or press release enough to catch the eye of the public. Many firms are turning to video to tell their story, encourage their employees and sell their products.

Find out how we can help you leverage the power of video along with new distribution options, to help you reach your corporate goals.

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