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Legal Video Services

Are you familiar with the rules of evidence? Most videographers are NOT. Through our training, however, we are fully trained and certified to point out weaknesses in opposiing counsel's video evidence - giving you a distinct advantage.


Video is a major part of most legal cases. Whether you are using video to show a re-enactment of a crime, a remote deposition, a day-in-the-life documentary, or just helping your client create a video will, we are trained and able to assist you in all areas of legal and forensic videos production.


All of our legal and forensic video production is done under the name - AGB Legal Video. Contact us today to determine how we can give you the edge in your next case.


We also offer services directly to consumers including video wills, home inventory for insurance purposes, construction draw videos, pre-construction video surveys (saving you potentially millions in legal battles), and more.


Legal Video

Legal video is a tricky thing.

Gone are the days of simply setting up a video camera, pointing it towards the deponent and hitting the record button.

Unless certain rules are followed, it is very easy for video evidence to be ruled inadmissible.

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