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Here is a secret. Most video production houses will deny this, but nevertheless it is true.

Audio is more important than video.

There, we said it. The secret is out.

We have noticed a disturbing trend in video production. This trend is happening at all levels from prosumer event videos to high-budget network TV shows. We are not sure if it is due to a lack of knowledge or lack of skill, but people are trying to cut corners on the quality of their audio. We think this is a big mistake. Bad sound makes your productions very hard to watch. Your viewers are constantly distracted and start focusing on the production quality, rather than your content!

Next time you are watching a quality video, close your eyes. Does it still feel you are in the middle of the action - or do you suddenly feel like you are listening to a recording of people's voices?Voice Over in the Red Dog Records vocal Booth

Quality audio is the difference between a professional video and one that just seems amateur.

Having been around the music industry since MIDI first started (yea for the Prophet 600) and back when Peavey was selling keyboards (DPM3), we understand what it takes to record quality audio. Whether you need an on-location recording of your band's live set, or a recording of that special guest speaker, we have the tools and knowedge to do it.

We also have a full Pro-Tools studio here in the foothills where you can record your masterpiece. We have experience with everything from spoken word recordings in a multitude of languages to full rock bands.

We can also help you put together your demo! Contact us today.


Band recording at Red Dog Studios


Recording Audio

How hard can it be? I have a 'record' app on my smartphone. I should just hit the button and it will sound great, right?

Just because it is recording digital doesn't mean you will get a professional recording! Although the advent of high-quality consumer gear has allowed many people to set up small project studios in their homes, you have to know what you are doing to create a quality recording. It is not about the tool, but in the knowledge of using it.

Let's be honest. How many people own a piano? How many of those people would be able to perform on the stage pictured on the left?

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