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Sinag-tala 2009 Performance

Sinag-tala performs an amazing theatrical review each year. Although they usually get a few Sinag-tala 2006 DVD coverthousand people to watch their show, they wanted to make a larger impact, PLUS be able to raise money to benefit the work they do for the rest of the year.
We first worked with Sinag-tala when we produced a DVD of their December 2006 performances and helped them market it as a fundraiser. In the end, they pre-sold more then they had originally planned and had to increase their order!

We were again asked to capture their 20th Anniversary performance in 2009. We shot the entire production using Sinag-tala 2009 DVD coverSony's just released XD CAM series of cameras. The results were amazing. All of Sonny Alforque's intricate lighting and stage textures were finally captured on a media that does it justice.

They are now set to use their DVD to create more excitement about Sinag-tala and get more corporate sponsors as well. They use it whenever their touring group performs to help generate interest, and funding.

To find out more about this amazing organization, please check out their website: www.sinag-tala.org


Sinag-tala group shot 2009

Live Event Camera Selection

There are many options when it comes to capturing your live event. We will work with you to determine the best choice of capture technology and format based on your unique circumstances.

Different cameras will reproduce your stage lighting or costume colors differrently. It is important to understand this BEFORE you commit or else you could be very disappointed in the results.


All of the images below are screen captures of the actual Sinag-tala 2009 DVD. These are not professional photographs, but taken from our professional video.


See the difference for yourself.

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